Multicolour Marbling and Mosiac in Craft and Design

We mentioned this trend a while back. Handcrafted marbling and mosaic effects that have caught our attention encompass clothing, textiles, rugs, tableware and furniture, including: Carpets by Beldi and Boccara. Turned paper vases by Pia Wustenberg and lamps by Becky Creed. Studio Silo plates and textiles by Wendy Tsu. Console table with magnet tiles by […]

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We wanted to let you know that you can now subscribe to the blog. Just enter your email address in the box to the top right of this post. The collage featured is reproduced from Issue I of our magazine. For full credits please visit the Colour and Style section of Visuology Magazine Issue […]

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Visuology Magazine Issue 2 – S/S 2015 and Beyond

The second issue of Visuology Magazine is now available to order for delivery in 5-12 days. Be first to see 148 pages of sustainable summer style, with product picks encompassing fashion, textiles, art, craft, accessories, furniture and lifestyle designs. Discover inspirational new trend ideas and colour combos. Visuology offers a uniquely independent blend of trend forecasting […]

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Icy Effects and Frosty Finishes in Craft, Accessories and Textiles

As climate chaos becomes a more regular feature of our lives, designers will increasingly employ icy effects and frosty finishes in their work. The candle holder above, made from natural rock crystal, will come in handy during power outages caused by freak storm conditions. The glittery, paillette-covered bag by Mawi will cast sparkles of light onto snow […]

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Honey Resin: Honeycomb and Amber in Fashion, Accessories and Interior Design

The video below shows a small snippet from our latest presentation. A previous Curious Trends report highlighted some of the bee and honeycomb inspired product designs spotted during 2011. Sarah Burton’s Alexander McQueen collection for Spring/Summer 2013 also reflected the beekeeping theme. Bees and honeycomb designs were common features of Elizabethan embroidery. They are now appearing […]

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Visuology Magazine Issue 1 – A/W 2014-15

  Visuology = Vision + Intuition + Sociology. Buy your copy here. In the first issue of this new magazine for trend spotters, fashion/interiors professionals and designer-makers, we provide inspiration and ideas on colour, styling and new products encompassing fashion, furniture, art, accessories and lifestyle. The emphasis is on sustainability and ‘style beyond trends.’  

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