Monthly Archives: November 2014

Rainbow Society: Global Colour Explosion in Fashion and Furnishing

For anyone who didn’t see Valentino’s 2015 resort collection coming (see images below via, the multicolour mosaic trend has been building up for quite a while now, though most people still seem to be wearing normcore greige. Despite the so-called phenomenon of ‘colour-blocking’ (an opportunity for the style challenged to get away with bizarrely […]

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Multicolour Marbling and Mosiac in Craft and Design

We mentioned this trend a while back. Handcrafted marbling and mosaic effects that have caught our attention encompass clothing, textiles, rugs, tableware and furniture, including: Carpets by Beldi and Boccara. Turned paper vases by Pia Wustenberg and lamps by Becky Creed. Studio Silo plates and textiles by Wendy Tsu. Console table with magnet tiles by […]

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Curious Obsessions: Viktor Wynd’s Cabinet of Wonders

As much as people try to be different, they rarely are… but Viktor Wynd is more unusual than most. In a world where little if anything shocks, Wynd’s interests and lifestyle are decidedly odd – sleeping with a pet snake wrapped around his feet, kissing a shrunken head goodnight, and collecting celebrity poo, for heavens […]

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