Suffrage, Sustainability, Sewing: One Dress Tells Many Stories

Our feature for International Women’s Day stands for all we believe in at Visuology – slow fashion, sustainable design, social discourse, female entrepreneurial instinct and expert craftsmanship. Instead of creating collections for 2017 and 2018, Lucy Tammam, founder of Atelier Tammam, decided to make just one dress: “I wanted to do a project that brought […]

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The Hoglodge: Sustainable Design to Save the Hedgehog

The hedgehog population of the UK has fallen dramatically, from around 34 million in the 1950s to around 1 million today. The hedgehog is now an endangered species and could even be extinct by 2020. This is a shame because hedgehogs help gardeners by eating leaf-munching slugs and insects. But hedgehogs may have a saviour […]

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Inventing a More Caring Future: Designs of the Year 2015

The main difficulty with an all encompassing design competition is that, ultimately, it does not compare like with like. Some of the entries are life changing, or could affect us all in the future. Others seem more of an artistic expression, designed purely for our amusement. There is the added complication that, whilst some of the […]

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Playing with Disruption: Designers in Residence at the Design Museum

The Scots aren’t the only ones playing with disruption. London’s Design Museum doesn’t stop at giving airtime, or in this case museum space, to emerging young designers, it also helps them along the way with advice, suggestions and, presumably, access to some very useful contacts. In this case it has also asked them to be […]

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Threads of the Indus: Ethical Textiles and Accessories from Southern Pakistan

The Indus Valley area has a longstanding tradition of stitch-craft and textile weaving, but in recent years the quality of workmanship has deteriorated due to a lack of emotional connection between the makers and their craft. As part of her PhD at the Royal College of Art, Seher Mirza set up a project not only to […]

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