Monthly Archives: September 2014

Embryos R Us: The Art and Fashion of Birth

Some futurologists predict a world where embryos will be grown in test tubes at baby farms. Perhaps we will soon be ‘following’ the life of the celebrity embryo and foetus in advance of any such baby’s birth. Despite these prospects, in the age of the caesarian, the enduring familiarity of natural birth still excites us. Babies […]

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Playing with Disruption: Designers in Residence at the Design Museum

The Scots aren’t the only ones playing with disruption. London’s Design Museum doesn’t stop at giving airtime, or in this case museum space, to emerging young designers, it also helps them along the way with advice, suggestions and, presumably, access to some very useful contacts. In this case it has also asked them to be […]

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Outsider Lifestyle: Harajuku’s Hideaway Treehouse Café

As we try to escape from the realities and confusion of a frenzied, phoneaholic world in which our every move is monitored, there is a rising demand for privacy and seclusion –  and a growing desire to find secret, hidden away spaces. A surprising discovery amidst the crowded backstreets of Tokyo’s Harajuku is The Hideaway […]

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