Monthly Archives: July 2015

Moonspiration: Creativity, Colour and Once in a Blue Moon Free PDF

When there are two full moons in a month, the second full moon is known as a blue moon. There will be a rare blue moon on 31st July, 2015, following on from the full moon of 2nd July. A popular myth is that pregnant women are more likely to give birth during a full moon. […]

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The Hoglodge: Sustainable Design to Save the Hedgehog

The hedgehog population of the UK has fallen dramatically, from around 34 million in the 1950s to around 1 million today. The hedgehog is now an endangered species and could even be extinct by 2020. This is a shame because hedgehogs help gardeners by eating leaf-munching slugs and insects. But hedgehogs may have a saviour […]

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