Monthly Archives: July 2014

Global Trend with Universal Symbolism: Hands in Fashion

Scientists have recently confirmed that a fist bump is more hygienic than a handshake. Hands aren’t just in the news, they are appearing everywhere – wrapped around dresses, printed on t-shirts, as brooches, chairs, clasps on bags, cufflinks, door handles, coat hooks and vases. We’ve spotted hands all over the world, on everything from hair bands […]

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All Consuming: Mosaic Art by Cleo Mussi

We flagged up mosaics and marbling as two key trends in decorative design in Visuology Issue 2.  In particular, we’ve noticed that artists, craftspeople and accessories designers are increasingly employing traditional mosaic work in art and interiors. Childlike, yet troubling, Cleo Mussi’s reclaimed ceramics draw on the interaction of human life with the natural world […]

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