China Tea Connection: History, Culture, Ceremony and Craft

Everything is connected. People say the world is getting smaller, but external cultural influences have inspired tastes in food, style, art and design for as long as man has travelled. In China, tea has been drunk for millennia, but the art of drinking tea is a culture all of its own. Gonfu Cha, the Chinese tea ceremony means “making […]

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Rainbow Society: Global Colour Explosion in Fashion and Furnishing

For anyone who didn’t see Valentino’s 2015 resort collection coming (see images below via, the multicolour mosaic trend has been building up for quite a while now, though most people still seem to be wearing normcore greige. Despite the so-called phenomenon of ‘colour-blocking’ (an opportunity for the style challenged to get away with bizarrely […]

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All Consuming: Mosaic Art by Cleo Mussi

We flagged up mosaics and marbling as two key trends in decorative design in Visuology Issue 2.  In particular, we’ve noticed that artists, craftspeople and accessories designers are increasingly employing traditional mosaic work in art and interiors. Childlike, yet troubling, Cleo Mussi’s reclaimed ceramics draw on the interaction of human life with the natural world […]

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We wanted to let you know that you can now subscribe to the blog. Just enter your email address in the box to the top right of this post. The collage featured is reproduced from Issue I of our magazine. For full credits please visit the Colour and Style section of Visuology Magazine Issue […]

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Honey Resin: Honeycomb and Amber in Fashion, Accessories and Interior Design

The video below shows a small snippet from our latest presentation. A previous Curious Trends report highlighted some of the bee and honeycomb inspired product designs spotted during 2011. Sarah Burton’s Alexander McQueen collection for Spring/Summer 2013 also reflected the beekeeping theme. Bees and honeycomb designs were common features of Elizabethan embroidery. They are now appearing […]

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