What is Luxury? Being an Outsider

Luxury is ubiquitous, craft has been commodified and, according to Peter York, “authenticity is a con.” When luxury is no longer luxurious and limited editions can be purchased at Primark, only ultra-luxury will do. This means finding something that no one else can have, or afford – be it bespoke, vintage or antique – perhaps a pair […]

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Outsider Lifestyle: Hermitage Housing

This has nothing to do with the story about one of the Elgin Marbles being borrowed by the Hermitage Museum. You may also recently have heard David Attenborough describing hermit crabs in a housing chain, looking for the right shell to come along… This has nothing to do with that either. Though there are similarities. […]

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Outsider Lifestyle: Harajuku’s Hideaway Treehouse Café

As we try to escape from the realities and confusion of a frenzied, phoneaholic world in which our every move is monitored, there is a rising demand for privacy and seclusion –  and a growing desire to find secret, hidden away spaces. A surprising discovery amidst the crowded backstreets of Tokyo’s Harajuku is The Hideaway […]

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Downtime: Escape from the Web of Our Own Making

More passwords, social networking communities, extra CCTV cameras, software upgrades, downloads, uploads, new apps, friend requests, spam email, viral advertising. People are growing tired of the fast paced digital world and starting to drop out. Some are even resorting to ‘slow apps,’ which can block emails and social network feeds for certain periods of the […]

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Global Trend with Universal Symbolism: Hands in Fashion

Scientists have recently confirmed that a fist bump is more hygienic than a handshake. Hands aren’t just in the news, they are appearing everywhere – wrapped around dresses, printed on t-shirts, as brooches, chairs, clasps on bags, cufflinks, door handles, coat hooks and vases. We’ve spotted hands all over the world, on everything from hair bands […]

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