December 5, 2014

Outsider Lifestyle: Hermitage Housing

We sometimes hear stories of hermits who have been found after years of being hidden away in remote areas or woods. But now there is a new kind of hermit. The outsider hermit could probably afford a house in a more suburban location, but choses to live in an outsider dwelling in a fairly pukka neighbourhood. Think inner-city London or Sausalito, California.

Houseboat copyright VisuologyWith the pressures of increasing house prices, job insecurity and greater competition for space, people willing to trade in their savings and pensions are looking for alternative accommodation. Houseboats, trendily refurbished Airstream caravans and wood cabin style hermitages have become the aspirational dream of those wanting to jump off the socio-economic escalator.

The Art Car copyright VisuologyThis doesn’t apply exclusively to hipster creatives either. Let alone what happens to global economies, the technological revolution will eventually put everyone at risk of unemployment. If, in the worst event, your car becomes your home, at least you will still be lucky enough to have a roof over your head. Your car may well become your castle.

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