Monthly Archives: October 2014

Women Fashion Power – Not a Multiple Choice?

Why are women so fascinated by clothes, and how does our relationship with schmutter affect the way we are perceived?  Women Fashion Power at London’s Design Museum showcases one outfit from each of twenty-six “exceptional” women. All are leaders in their field and understand that “the clothes they wear are a part of the way that they […]

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Street Art and Gentrification: Is Creativity Killed by Commerce?

There’s a saying that ‘nobody watches artists as closely as estate agents.’ Having some art in your street can add a few 000s to your house price. Earlier this week, Moniker Projects held a talk at Shoreditch House on ‘street art and the gentrification of urban communities’. Discussion focused on the role of street artists […]

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Plants As Pets: Succulents Get Stylish

In our overcrowded cities, where space is in limited supply, small plants make ideal pets – and can help to improve air quality, as part of a sustainable lifestyle. Cacti are perfect, as they don’t need much water and require little looking after. Succulents store water in their swollen leaves, stems or roots, are easy […]

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