VV Rouleaux: A Top Spot for Trimmings

VV Rouleaux is more than just a ribbon shop. The 25 year old haberdashery emporium is an Aladdin’s cave of trimmings. From feathered birds (great for Christmas decorations as well as hats) to pom-poms, tassels and Chanel-style grosgrain ribbon, the colour filled store is a cherished resource for dressmakers, milliners and home accessories designers. Owner Annabel […]

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Sustainable Design, Climate Change and Christmas Shopping at RCA

The world’s leading university of art and design is an inspiring place to hunt for unique Christmas gifts. Showcasing the raw talent of students from a variety of arts disciplines including textiles, fine art and ceramics, the Royal College of Art Christmas Fete is now in its 4th year. All proceeds from the event at […]

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The Visuology Lecture and the Story of Sebastian Horsley’s Suit

We thought you might like to hear more about the Visuology Lecture, which took place at Viktor Wynd’s Museum of Curiosities recently. The star attraction (apart from innumerable specimens of taxidermy, twisted ephemera, macabre and medical memorabilia) was Savile Row tailor, Richard Anderson. One of the most experienced tailors in the world famous street, Anderson […]

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Social Trends, Shopping and Celebrity Culture

The celebrity bubble will burst when extreme poverty forces people to realise that shopping is not a religion and celebrities are not gods. Social classes will become unable to communicate with each other. A disenfranchised underclass will rise up against the growing international and celebrity elite it seeks to emulate. The coming revolution will see people […]

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